"It's Here" ad for Time Matters 5.0, showing a businessman rejoicing against a blue sky"

“It’s Here” ad campaign

(DATA.TXT Corporation)

This ad was created to announce the launch of Time Matters 5.0, which had been anxiously awaited by the customer base. Tapping into that excitement, I created an ad to illustrate (and probably exaggerate) the customer’s anticipated response to the release.

The ad was also a drastic departure from previous ads for the product, as they often contained copious amounts of text. I felt that the message for this ad needed to be simple and direct. Later ads, with the same image, started to fill in gaps with additional information, and a fold-out direct mail companion piece provided plenty of detail.

The initial ad was pulled together in the space of an afternoon. The campaign itself was a resounding success.

Skills Utilized

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop