Time Matters and Billing Matters 5.0 boxes Time Matters and Billing Matters Plus 6.0 boxes Time Matters and Billing Matters 7.0 boxes

Time Matters packaging

(DATA.TXT Corporation / LexisNexis)

These are some examples of product packaging created for Time Matters and Billing Matters.

Version 5.0 was my first full release with the company, and I completely re-designed the look of the product packaging. Huge blocks of text were eliminated in favor of imagery to better illustrate product features.

Time Matters 6.0 was the first full release after the company was acquired by LexisNexis, and marked the start of a slow transition from our established branding to LexisNexis corporate standards. That transition continued with the version 7.0 packaging.

From version 8.0 onwards, boxes were eliminated to help cut production costs.

Skills Utilized

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop